hoping back on wordpress andUp coming writing and plans.

It feels as if its has been so many years since I last was on here. Now I do know that I did fumble in forgetting about keeping WordPress updated and current. For that I do apologize. Their have been some changes that took place in my life or changed a small part of my life. One, I have gotten into team and tie down roping. Practicing and making the goals of me one day participating in the events. With also one day becoming a champion in the sport.

I will explain later on here just how that came about with also the other things that have come my way. Like for one, I now have an interest in 3D animation modeling. I have a new best friend. I am going to begin operation of my small business venture. I do want to start a podcast on team and tie down roping. My best little buddy and awesome friend Black,(my dog) passed away. And their are other topics and interest that I want to cover. So you can be guaranteed of reading up coming blogs on all these topics. Right now I do want to write about them but it would be overwhelming for me. So I am going to take it one topic at a time. This week I will begin working on these topics. Before the end of August I want to have two of these topics finished and posted on here.

Well I have just made myself some work. So with that I better get to grinding hard. Take care, be safe and keep plugging away at life until you achieve what you want.


A little background on me and where I want to be

Okay so here is another blog and yes I did this one late. Its still the same day just an hour late. But hey life goes on right. So I want to just give a little background on myself. Now when I was three years old my grandparents adopted me. Now my two older brothers were already adopted by my grandparents. Now I still have small memories of that particular day when I did meet my grandparents for the first time.

Now I was taken with them wherever they went to church or religious services.  Now one of the most far back memory that I have is of when I was playing with my grandma. I think that she was helping me. You see when I was about 5 or 6 I had problems learning in school. So I was put in special ed classes. So my grandma was helping me learn about the different type of animals and how to pronounce them.

I was a very shy person and closed off. So I remember that she bought a bag of little zoo animals and put them in front of me. She began to explain their names and what they looked like. So she would point to one and ask me what is that one. Or she would say find this one. That memories is to me very close to my heart.

The reason for it being is because my grandmother was the first person to reach out and care for me. I never had anyone else before do that. She spent time with me. And today as I look back at that time I think about what my life would have been had it not been for her devoting as much time as she did with me out of love.


Now I wasn’t a good little boy. I do remember that I did steal things that I feel in love with or like a lot. And I didn’t get caught. Not until my older brother told my grandma. I have to laugh at that because the reason he told on me was because I something mean to him. I think I like hit him or  threw dirt in his face. I can’t remember what is was. But anyways for whatever reason he tole my grandma on me. My grandma got mad at me for it but she did sit down with me while I was still crying and she told me that tomorrow she was going to school with me and that I had to reveal to the teacher what I was doing. Plus I had to give a sincere apology to the teacher.

Now the next day I did do it. But I do remember that I felt so god awful. Not because I had to apologize. I was mad because my brother ratted me out and my secret stealing missions were no over. lol It was like a spy agent getting caught by the opposing government.  Now my next posting on here I will continue on my story. I know its a bit short. But I do want to make this a series about my life.

So with that I will continue this on this coming Wednesday. I hope to have you read this blog. And with that thank you so much to reading my post it means a lot to me. Take care guys.




Talking about my faith


You know it wasn’t until recently that I began to get back into my faith more strongly than I ever have before in being a christian. Now later on I will share my testimony. But for now let me say that their was a time when I was a up and down christian in my faith to Jesus.

I would go to church and than on other days I would be saying and doing worldly things that made me happy. I use to think that there was no problem in doing worldly things that made me happy. But I missed a huge important learning issue back than. I forgot that my I have to give an account to the lord after I die.

I just went through the hide and seek of religion practice. I would go to church and put on the good righteous custom on. Than after I was out of church and away from everyone I would take that custom off and my true self would come out. A talk back person. A person who lied. A person who was addicted to the sparkle of sex lust. Yeah I’m revealing who I truly was. Yeah I did smoke,cuss and hide it from my grandparents back than.

Yes I was and am still working at being truly right in the eyes of the lord. Because one thing that I have learned is that no matter where you go to hide or run from the lord, you can’t. He see everything that I do and say. I know that I can’t go back to the past and fix what I did wrong.

But thank god almighty that he made and put a plan because he know that this situation would come up. I would like to go into more detail about this,but this is a blog not church. lol I feel good. But my point is that I am changing my views on a lot of things that I once would have said other wise about. I’ll continue little bits of my story in christ as we go on but for now I’ll end it now because I don’t want to drown out readers to my blog.

I know this is not much but I had this on my heart and mind so I shared it. I’m not afraid because at sometime its going to come out, my faith that is. I pray that you have a safe and happy holiday this week. Enjoy your family and friends company. Until this Saturday when I post another blog on here I will see you again. Thanks for reading.









What is on my mind

You know I was going to do write about something different. But one thing caught my attention. Now we all know that the new star wars movie came out. So one of the things that has been going around is for people to not spoil it for other’s who haven’t seen the movie.

Now I was glad to see this. Plus I could buy a ticket to see the movie but I don’t have a ride. So I’m here stuck at home. Now it’s really no big deal that I can’t see the movie. I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD. Now that is a long time to wait. So I’m waiting. Now I log into world of warcraft to play the game to pass the time. But then guess what happens. Yes, someone a child,teenager or maybe grownup starts talking about the movie. They begin to give away the whole plot and what happens in it. Basically ruining it for me.

A lot of people told this person to not talk about it or spoil it. But he just joked about those of us who hand’t seen the movie. That we were soft skinned babies. So I have to say that (even though I’m trying to change) I hope something very very badly happens to that person. I’m upset with people like that. They don’t know how to keep their mouth shut.

Now one of the other things that gets on my nerves is when young people who are so called film makers can’t keep their mouth shut about a movie. Now their not spoiling it. They just can’t talk about anything else. It’s just on and on talk about the movie,what they want,wish or if they directed the movie. Drive me nuts. Now I went to college for film making. I can understand just a little about what their feelings or why their talking about it. But I just wish they would say what they have to and never talk about it again.

I’m just getting these two things off my chest. I wish I would have written or shared something else positive. So I do apologize for this to you the reader. I do promise that in the future I will keep these negative posting very few. Thank you for reading.  (Note: I will post on this site every Wednesday and Saturday before 9pm Mountain standard time.)



The Intro to my blog/what will be on this site

First and foremost I’d like to say Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my blog site. I know your time is precious,so with that let me get started.

My name is Kelsey James. I was born,raised and still live in Whiteriver Arizona. Now Whiteriver is on The Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Northeastern Arizona. I always didn’t live on the Res. I did a short time in The United States Army at the age of 19. I got out five days before my 25th birthday. I have two half brothers I grew up with. Alvin James(Al Wyatt) and Christopher James. My parents were Christine James and Kelly Walker.

When I was three years old I was adopted by my grandparents (Arden and Nancy Dazen)along with my half brothers. In July of 2010 I decided to go to College for an Associates degree in Digital Video.

Tonight I was thinking to myself about way back in my younger days I had a sorta gift or passion for writing with great emotional depth. Teachers would always compliment me for using great depth of emotion in my writing. So I was thinking about it and decided that why should I keep this  gift to myself. Thats one of the reasons  I wanted to start this blog site on my writing.

My other reason for starting this blog site is to share my thoughts and stories from my life.Also short stories along with my poetry. Also I will be adding Vlogs on here. Now these Vlogs will also be on youtube.  One of the many things floating around in my head is for me to startup a small business venture so that I can achieve one of my many goals . One of the other things I’d like to share on this blog site is photos and maybe later on a podcast if that is possible. But for now I’ll just start small.

I know that this is not much for my first posting on here. But I most certainly hope that you will come back to my blog site so I can share whats on my mind and heart with you. I will try to end every blog with a quote from myself or someone else with credit. This Quote is from me.(Just came up with it as I was writing this.)

“I have given pure love without blemish.” “Now may I give it to not only those who are in need of it but also back from where it came,the dried up rose Bush”.