A little background on me and where I want to be

Okay so here is another blog and yes I did this one late. Its still the same day just an hour late. But hey life goes on right. So I want to just give a little background on myself. Now when I was three years old my grandparents adopted me. Now my two older brothers were already adopted by my grandparents. Now I still have small memories of that particular day when I did meet my grandparents for the first time.

Now I was taken with them wherever they went to church or religious services.  Now one of the most far back memory that I have is of when I was playing with my grandma. I think that she was helping me. You see when I was about 5 or 6 I had problems learning in school. So I was put in special ed classes. So my grandma was helping me learn about the different type of animals and how to pronounce them.

I was a very shy person and closed off. So I remember that she bought a bag of little zoo animals and put them in front of me. She began to explain their names and what they looked like. So she would point to one and ask me what is that one. Or she would say find this one. That memories is to me very close to my heart.

The reason for it being is because my grandmother was the first person to reach out and care for me. I never had anyone else before do that. She spent time with me. And today as I look back at that time I think about what my life would have been had it not been for her devoting as much time as she did with me out of love.


Now I wasn’t a good little boy. I do remember that I did steal things that I feel in love with or like a lot. And I didn’t get caught. Not until my older brother told my grandma. I have to laugh at that because the reason he told on me was because I something mean to him. I think I like hit him or  threw dirt in his face. I can’t remember what is was. But anyways for whatever reason he tole my grandma on me. My grandma got mad at me for it but she did sit down with me while I was still crying and she told me that tomorrow she was going to school with me and that I had to reveal to the teacher what I was doing. Plus I had to give a sincere apology to the teacher.

Now the next day I did do it. But I do remember that I felt so god awful. Not because I had to apologize. I was mad because my brother ratted me out and my secret stealing missions were no over. lol It was like a spy agent getting caught by the opposing government.  Now my next posting on here I will continue on my story. I know its a bit short. But I do want to make this a series about my life.

So with that I will continue this on this coming Wednesday. I hope to have you read this blog. And with that thank you so much to reading my post it means a lot to me. Take care guys.





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