Talking about my faith


You know it wasn’t until recently that I began to get back into my faith more strongly than I ever have before in being a christian. Now later on I will share my testimony. But for now let me say that their was a time when I was a up and down christian in my faith to Jesus.

I would go to church and than on other days I would be saying and doing worldly things that made me happy. I use to think that there was no problem in doing worldly things that made me happy. But I missed a huge important learning issue back than. I forgot that my I have to give an account to the lord after I die.

I just went through the hide and seek of religion practice. I would go to church and put on the good righteous custom on. Than after I was out of church and away from everyone I would take that custom off and my true self would come out. A talk back person. A person who lied. A person who was addicted to the sparkle of sex lust. Yeah I’m revealing who I truly was. Yeah I did smoke,cuss and hide it from my grandparents back than.

Yes I was and am still working at being truly right in the eyes of the lord. Because one thing that I have learned is that no matter where you go to hide or run from the lord, you can’t. He see everything that I do and say. I know that I can’t go back to the past and fix what I did wrong.

But thank god almighty that he made and put a plan because he know that this situation would come up. I would like to go into more detail about this,but this is a blog not church. lol I feel good. But my point is that I am changing my views on a lot of things that I once would have said other wise about. I’ll continue little bits of my story in christ as we go on but for now I’ll end it now because I don’t want to drown out readers to my blog.

I know this is not much but I had this on my heart and mind so I shared it. I’m not afraid because at sometime its going to come out, my faith that is. I pray that you have a safe and happy holiday this week. Enjoy your family and friends company. Until this Saturday when I post another blog on here I will see you again. Thanks for reading.










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