What is on my mind

You know I was going to do write about something different. But one thing caught my attention. Now we all know that the new star wars movie came out. So one of the things that has been going around is for people to not spoil it for other’s who haven’t seen the movie.

Now I was glad to see this. Plus I could buy a ticket to see the movie but I don’t have a ride. So I’m here stuck at home. Now it’s really no big deal that I can’t see the movie. I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD. Now that is a long time to wait. So I’m waiting. Now I log into world of warcraft to play the game to pass the time. But then guess what happens. Yes, someone a child,teenager or maybe grownup starts talking about the movie. They begin to give away the whole plot and what happens in it. Basically ruining it for me.

A lot of people told this person to not talk about it or spoil it. But he just joked about those of us who hand’t seen the movie. That we were soft skinned babies. So I have to say that (even though I’m trying to change) I hope something very very badly happens to that person. I’m upset with people like that. They don’t know how to keep their mouth shut.

Now one of the other things that gets on my nerves is when young people who are so called film makers can’t keep their mouth shut about a movie. Now their not spoiling it. They just can’t talk about anything else. It’s just on and on talk about the movie,what they want,wish or if they directed the movie. Drive me nuts. Now I went to college for film making. I can understand just a little about what their feelings or why their talking about it. But I just wish they would say what they have to and never talk about it again.

I’m just getting these two things off my chest. I wish I would have written or shared something else positive. So I do apologize for this to you the reader. I do promise that in the future I will keep these negative posting very few. Thank you for reading.  (Note: I will post on this site every Wednesday and Saturday before 9pm Mountain standard time.)




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