The Intro to my blog/what will be on this site

First and foremost I’d like to say Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my blog site. I know your time is precious,so with that let me get started.

My name is Kelsey James. I was born,raised and still live in Whiteriver Arizona. Now Whiteriver is on The Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Northeastern Arizona. I always didn’t live on the Res. I did a short time in The United States Army at the age of 19. I got out five days before my 25th birthday. I have two half brothers I grew up with. Alvin James(Al Wyatt) and Christopher James. My parents were Christine James and Kelly Walker.

When I was three years old I was adopted by my grandparents (Arden and Nancy Dazen)along with my half brothers. In July of 2010 I decided to go to College for an Associates degree in Digital Video.

Tonight I was thinking to myself about way back in my younger days I had a sorta gift or passion for writing with great emotional depth. Teachers would always compliment me for using great depth of emotion in my writing. So I was thinking about it and decided that why should I keep this  gift to myself. Thats one of the reasons  I wanted to start this blog site on my writing.

My other reason for starting this blog site is to share my thoughts and stories from my life.Also short stories along with my poetry. Also I will be adding Vlogs on here. Now these Vlogs will also be on youtube.  One of the many things floating around in my head is for me to startup a small business venture so that I can achieve one of my many goals . One of the other things I’d like to share on this blog site is photos and maybe later on a podcast if that is possible. But for now I’ll just start small.

I know that this is not much for my first posting on here. But I most certainly hope that you will come back to my blog site so I can share whats on my mind and heart with you. I will try to end every blog with a quote from myself or someone else with credit. This Quote is from me.(Just came up with it as I was writing this.)

“I have given pure love without blemish.” “Now may I give it to not only those who are in need of it but also back from where it came,the dried up rose Bush”.




One thought on “The Intro to my blog/what will be on this site

  1. Wishing you absolute best success with your new venture. I do believe learning to make films is just a great venture to be on. Looking forward to following your brand new website. All my best to you.


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